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Vovinam – Vietnamese martial art for Vietnamese women

Today the term “men – womankind” may no longer be appropriate when used to distinguish male and another female, because women are increasingly demonstrate the important role and the “character of the 21st century,” his in family and society. Movement women practicing sports increasingly popular, lively in cities and cities in the country. Some girls choose the motor sport tradition as swimming, badminton, tennis or fitness and promote health while keeping the beautiful youthful physique. However, there are to choose from martial arts as a hobby fit strong personality and simultaneously safeguard nature for themselves.

Category: Vovinam

The meaning of Vovinam martial arts uniform

In life, the activities of internal nature whether public or any organization that typically carries a nuance, a separate meaning. On the one hand, it has to distinguish organizations and collectives have the same form; on the other hand, it also implies a meaning in the philosophy or conception of the organization separately.

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General concepts on Self-revolution

Recently the word revolution is commonly heard.

Self-revolution is indeed fundamental to our Vovinam-Viet Vo Dao. So what is revolution? And what is sefl-revolution? Why does our discipline promote it? To foster our understanding of and appreciation for this ideal,we will look at a few examples in history.

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Vovinam Characteristics

The most common explanation is that Cuong means hard and Nhu means soft. In martial arts teachings, the styles that favour Cuong often have strong and tough discipline, using external strength as its base, often very stern and direct in its dealing in life.

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Vovinam Ranking

Blue belt: Represents the color of Hope. This rank signifies the hope that a new Vovinam disciple will further discover, study and succeed in the art of Vovinam.

Yellow belt: Represents the color of the Earth. This rank signifies the art of Vovinam has become an unbreakable part of Vovinam disciple’s body.

Red belt: Represents the color of Fire. This rank signifies the art of Vovinam has become a guilding torch for the Vovinam disciple.

White belt: Represents the color of Purity. This rank signifies the art of Vovinam has reached its highest standard – the Patriarch of Vovinam.