Vovinam martial arts: what you need to know!

Strictly special greeting ceremony as a member of the family of Vovinam. This greeting is done internally within the family, so all the forms and meanings of the ritual is only for members of Vovinam.

Strictly ritual ceremony first appeared in 1938 by Founding Grand Master Nguyen Loc innovative system with basic materials and some provisions of the policy and guidelines are strictly informal ceremony Vovinam.Nghi simple but hidden contains a lot of content in both martial arts and feelings and virtues that Founder wanted to convey to his students. With the policy – self-discipline – Vovinam is a family – not under any station Rooftop any form, for any reason – non-political and religious, so the entire basic techniques and theory he had no attack techniques – no color religion or politics. All the above thoughts Founder Nguyen Loc is shown by the technical (because he has taken to disseminate Vovinam martial arts) an accurate and consistent from the first lesson (ritual is strictly holidays) until 76 mobile training last word before he deserted realms that:

I ran out of tears, laughter lost for life,

But I was back with the white soul, his true human kindness,

But I was getting out onto the dark, his sins such people,

How painful soul tan tattered determine who has sown in us,

I have been reaped, the most beautiful flowers in the Commercial High love and unbounded forgiveness … ”

Strictly ceremony is the first lesson of all members of Vovinam. This lesson was valuable inventory, effectively, a comprehensive handbook things martial, feelings and virtues that any member Vovinam always need and desire. Lessons that will certainly put people Vovinam come with love and forgiveness, on a freeze almost reached the goal of Vovinam is loving and forgiving limitless.

Try Grand Master Le Sang serious ceremony at The Road

1. Forms are strictly ceremony

Strictly perfect ritual ceremony including 3 position (strictly, strictly holidays, holidays), 4 movements (seriously, the right arm forward, then put into the heart, leaning straight forward) and 3 Command. As we already know: Humans are the only animals to stand on two legs and two hands were freed to operate freely under the brain. However, in everyday life people rarely upright. This position would remind and instruct the Vovinam family members are proud of this endowment, and remember to always stand upright it.

Posture “Attention” – voice: “Attention”. This position consists of 8 points had to do exactly.

  1. Two legs close together – two feet close to the ground, ten toes touch the ground of mutual diagonal heel two close together forming a V-shape which is also the focus method (tons ) first of Vovinam.
  2. Legs straight, knees straight.
  3. The back straight (do not bend or curve).
  4. Shoulders straight, shoulder balance both ends form a line parallel to the ground.
  5. Ancient straight, forming a right angle with the shoulder.
  6. Head straight, not facing up, not bent.
  7. Eyes looking straight, not glanced sideways glances along.
  8. Two straight arms, surrender yourself close, pressed her hands lightly on his thigh.

“Sutra” is the highest position of the person. Posture “strictly” shape also represents a real person who, with the complete Truth – Compassion – American supremacy stalked forms, noble and peaceful.

According to the literary tradition of folk Vietnam, “Gen. depending Removal Centre, Minister himself biopsychosocial” view external shape may know the inner character of every human being. Minister here is the tangible parts outside of human (stem). Mind is the cornerstone of the government and the invisible part (character, spirit …) inside the body. The mind and body are always dominant and influence each other to help people make people freeze or depravity.

Posture “strictly-ceremony” – Voice commands: “Attention-feast” (coral adjacent).

  1. From posture, right hand from under the shoulder brought up, perpendicular to the shoulder, five fingers close together and facing forward
  2. Co-hand back, palm inward person, upper arms motionless press lightly placed his palm against the left chest over the heart. Posture “strictly-ceremony”, also known as Steel Hand on heart from love.

Mass posture – Voice commands: “Feast”

From position “strictly-ceremony”, leaning his straight forward about 30 degrees angle (inclined not curved), face and head slightly lifted up his eyes enough to look straight into the eyes of the opposite (looked rather bow).

2. Meaning strictly ritual ceremony

a) The meaning posture “strictly”

Posture “strictly” and forced guide member Vovinam right upright and humble, conveyed the prestige brave and heroic, but noble, liberal. Therefore, this position represents direct bowl (8 things straight)

  1. Pillow straight: demonstrate tenacity, not kowtowing, begging.
  2. The back straight: showing no sycophant, demean.
  3. Shoulders straight: horizontally, express righteousness, integrity, no coterie, bias.
  4. Ancient straight: boldly expressed, honest, middle-language; not over the shoulder, neck retracted because it expressed the pusillanimous, cowardly, not to accept the responsibility.
  5. Head straight: the luminous expression of the university, the main road because the road bow expression guilt, shame. Welcome face is haughty snob, contempt.
  6. Eyes looked decent showing steadfast, calm, clean, humble, no plot, no lies, no fear.
  7. Stretch the arms: the peaceful expression, not aggressive, but calm, lucid, active in static.
  8. Two-foot V-shaped pillars: according to scientific civilization is a solid fulcrum for which the West called the Golden Triangle and in Vietnam adage is:

“Whatever anyone says tilted down say,

My heart is still strong as tripod. ”

Head Legal Center (tonnes) First of Vovinam is a stance sure to office both body and mind. So family Vovinam always steady, happy on cylindrical legs.

b) position meaning “strictly-ceremony”

Posture “strictly-festival” implies the starting of the foundations and theoretical techniques of Vovinam. So far, we only know the form and meaning a profile, extensive (Hands on heart steel From love, only hunting after it put up a love). Nobody questions about the origin and depth of posture-feast.

* Posture “strictly ceremony” tradition originating from Vietnam rites

Any one who does all male Vietnam are women and children form arms folded, standing before the masses seriously guests, in a solemn scene before him on or a respectable master.

Anyone see the warm and happy in the joy of seeing themselves heart innocent children 3-4 years old, clumsy bow arms crossed in front of their loved ones. Form above to show salutes, obedience voluntarily, expressing humility but proudly. The show features docile, obedient traditional rites are over 4,000 years of civilization of the people of Vietnam.

Founder Nguyen Loc has used this method but to fit Vovinam (using popular martial arts), he was converted to the right to self-defense defense spirit of martial arts master is at peace to think about danger , want peace must prepare for war. So he put his left hand down to the transformers themselves to peace arms crossed just honorific into peace (right hand remains on the chest) just ready to react when attacked (lower left hand free ).

We can say posture “strictly-ceremony” demonstrates a peaceful setting with defense. And that is the personality of each member of Vovinam.

* Posture “strictly-ceremony” is the first character

Straight right hand while putting forward was symbolic of solicitation, front guide guests with intimacy. This is also the first animal movements in the basic system of Vovinam Materials – hands on nape opponent whenever you make that character, then drag the opponent toward him (hunting). Because only hunting after setting up such a love, should pull the hand placed on the heart.

For most of the race around the world, the heart represents love. But in love, the heart is known by many names (hearts cruel, blind heart, cold heart, heart burning, etc.). Here, in Vovinam, Founder heart named Compassion. Means that the mother’s heart. It’s a love that almost no borders, because it is spacious, deep, shown by devotion, absolute sacrifice of mothers to their children. Heart Compassion is at the heart of Vovinam.

Vovinam martial use of family policy with no upper station, only the sole means practice, practice playing when that object. Therefore, Founder Nguyen Loc wants his students to have the love of a mother when hard work to minimize the pain danger to members of the family. Means “to raise the raise the eggs, inspired as inspired flower” in every move that, as a mother cradling baby warm, advanced guidance babies.

* Posture “strictly-ceremony” is the core of Vovinam

With practice guidelines for student a solid body, supple, Founder Nguyen Loc has initiated training methods should steel themselves new steel hands. When police hands pressed steel heart Compassion is moved from the first elite (martial arts) to elite Monday (love Vovinam) – a kind of love comes from hard work in harmony with the world operating materials Museum ( The underlying operations) of heart Compassion.

Forms put his hand on his chest showed calm, the soul searching before coming adversity. Thereby, Founder reminded his students to calm insight, to use love, immense sacrifice of the mother for the child to resolve every situation happen. Have patience, be careful if it is to get out onto the left horizontal problems can lead to pain, danger for themselves. During the Sino-Vietnamese words, word rings of letters in the word executioner center under strict forms like holidays; means patience all the adversities that occurred the souls crushed tan determining pain similar to what the Founding endured? Having patience is learned tolerance to forgive people, to get out onto the darkness of sin, so like heart Compassion plying blood sedimentation in clarifying opaque put nurture mind and body. And the line of Compassion that will integrate with hundreds of thousands of loving other sources to form round the seas for Love and Forgiveness limitless. It is the last 7 digits of a talented Career premature network, a genius before returning to eternity. This term is seven family salvage Vovinam.

Posture “strictly-ceremony” is called the core of Vovinam, the early lessons of each member in the family footsteps and Vovinam would be perpetual inventory of each member.

3. Meaning posture “Ceremony”

Leaning to express humility with all my heart, face looking up slightly to show clarity, justice. Action gentle, flexible, flexible but not losing steady demeanor stalked by a real human person. Face look person face lift to express appreciation and pure, upright with eyes tolerance, joy.

Traditionally, the word morality Vietnam Germany and Dao Hanh is the basis of human (religion here means road).

Nine virtue and happiness have been handed bowl and see this as a measure for human mold feudal and today still respect and follow. All that people want perfect virtue must be permanent. Men focus on the five virtues (usually five) was Nhan Nghia Le, Tri, Tin and women need is four virtues of industry, appearance, speech and behavior. In the martial arts world, it is thought to be more virtuous tenth Dung.

Besides eternal virtue is unfortunate include Hieu, To, Central, Tin, Ceremony, righteous, Integrity, Switzerland.

In strictly formal ceremony complete with main virtues and many other parts of virtue (modest, noble, indomitable, sincere, sacrifice, patience, etc.). Depending on the space and objects, these virtues are available in each member who will follow routine that arises by action outside or bursts in the brain center. The specific meaning of the cross virtue and bowl well and its value in modern society will be discussed in another article.

Hence, each strictly as per hone ceremony virtue. Each blow that when workouts are helping enforce Vovinam Vovinam virtue and love dearly one day, in harmony.

And to advance the end, no one can deny the obvious – is strictly ceremonial ceremony is a symbol of absolute unanimity with self-discipline, voluntary members of Vovinam.