Vovinam Ideal

Ideal is defined as "a conception of something in its absolute perfection...one that is regarded as a standard model of perfection or excellence...

An honorable or worthy principle or aim." Because they are the standard for perfection, ideals are often time far fetched and not easily achieved. Vovinam has a sublime ideal that was created by the late founder Grand Master Nguyen Loc, and has been passed down by the current Grand Master Le Sang to all disciples all over the world.

Vovinam first ideal is to coach and train the disciples into talented individuals so that they are able to effectively serve their communities as well as mankind as a whole. Ideally, Vovinam would like to take a step further by encompassing the Vietnamese martial arts philosophy with humanity all over the globe. Unfortunately, this ideal is easier said than done. Seventy years has passed with many hardships, difficulties and sacrifices from Vovinam disciples, yet this ideal has not yet been accomplished. But those failures do not stop the Vovinam disciples of five different continents from achieving this goal. There are 3 categories that all disciples fall into as far as Vovinam ideal is concerned. They are the lucky few individuals who have found the ideal, individuals who have not found it and those who thought they have found it.

Those who have found the Vovinam ideal are rare and few in numbers. These disciples have endured a lifetime of hardships and made personal sacrifices in order to achieve the Vovinam ideal. They are the few who had understood the path and the philosophy that have been drawn out by the late Grand Master Nguyen Loc and Grand Master Le Sang. But who are these individuals? How have they served the Vovinam ideal? Have they succeeded?

Currently, there are too many disciples who have not read, studied or understood any of the Vovinam philosophy or its foundation. Because they lack to understand and are ignorant, these disciples are unable to recognize and acknowledge what has already been set forth. The majority of these students know only to follow the existing mainstreams of society of greed and wealth, failing to grasp the ideal of Vovinam.

There are individuals who thought they have found the ideal of Vovinam and thus thought of themselves above all others. Through their ignorance, they have publicly criticized Vovinam ideal as out of date and out of touch with the current society. They made up rules that would benefit themselves and those who supported them. Eventually, these individuals will separate themselves further and further apart from the philosophy and teachings of Vovinam, which is unfortunate!

Our founder, current Grand Master and numerous other elderly masters have spent a large amount of time and energy to create an ideal philosophy for all disciples to follow. As disciples of Vovinam not only do we need to learn and understand these philosophies, but we must further research, study, and make the necessary actions to fully comprehend and accomplish the Vovinam ideal. Of course, these ideals are not forced upon any one individual. However, a true disciple of Vovinam must adhere to these ideals in order to better themselves and be a valuable member of their society and humanity.