Vovinam martial arts tournament held in Algeria

A Vovinam (Vietnamese martial arts) yellow belt tournament was held on February 8 in the Algerian capital Algiers.

The tournament, organised by the Algiers provincial Vovinam Federation with

Nadi Mostakril Vovinam club, was participated by 150 practitioners from 28 clubs in the province, of whom five won the yellow belts.

The Algeria Vovinam Federation (FAVV) was founded in August last year in Algiers.

The former Chairman of the National Vovinam Commission of Algeria (the official body before the FAVV), Djouadj Mohamed, was elected the first president of the federation.

Vovinam is participated with and without weapons. Based on the principle of between hard and soft, it includes the training of the body as well as the mind. It uses the force and reaction of opponent.-VNA