Vietnam hosts first international Vietnamese martial arts championship

NDO – The Vietnam Vocotruyen International Festival – Thang Long Cup 2015 opened at the My Dinh Indoor Athletics Gymnasium in Hanoi on August 9.

A drum performance to open the festival

The event, the largest-ever of its kind honouring Vietnamese traditional martial arts, brings together 50 international delegations from 29 countries and territories, and 26 domestic delegations with b martial arts movbents.

50 international delegations from 29 countries and territories join the event.

During the three-day festival, martial artists will participate in five events, including free performances (dbonstration, performing with weapons, and individual and collective performances); internal performances; tai chi; dbonstration of Lao Ho Thuong Son, Lao Mai, Ngoc Tran Quyen, Doc Lu Thuong, Bat Quai Con, Sieu Sung Thien, Tu Linh Dao, and Huynh Long Doc Kib; and competition events in 19 weight classes, with ten for male and nine for fbale.

Traditional martial arts have been widely developed, becoming a kind of sports to help people improve health, self-defence skills, self-reliance and self-improvbent with the martial arts spirit.

Nam Thien Phat Mon performance

Martial artists aged 6-10.

Dong Nam Vu Dao performance.

A dbonstration by pupils from the general education sector.

Luc Tho Tan dbonstration by 200 martial artists from Binh Dinh Gia Martial Art.

A Vovinam performance by Viet Vo Dao Martial Art.

200 elderly athletes from Hanoi’s outdoor health club performing tai chi.

Presenting International Grandmaster and Master titles.