Vietnam defends world Vovinam title for fourth time

NDO – The 2015 World Vovinam Championships concluded in Algiers, Algeria on August 1, seeing Vietnamese martial artists successfully defend their world title for the fourth consecutive time with a collection of 19 gold and five silver medals.

Vietnamese Vovinam artists dominate the world championships in Algeria. (Credit: VN+)

Vietnam’s finish in first place came as little surprise to experts and followers of the martial art as Vietnam is not only home to Vovinam but Vietnamese fighters have also always dbonstrated superior techniques to competitors from other participating delegations.

Algeria ended up in second place with a total of 15 gold, 12 silver and six bronze medals, which showed its continuous progress in Vovinam and affirmed its Vovinam status in Africa. Italy came in third place overall winning one gold, five silver and two bronze medals.

Djouadj Mohamed, President of the Algeria Vovinam Federation, affirmed that the tournament concluded successfully with obvious improvbents seen in contestants’ expertise, indicating Vovinam’s development across the world regarding both scale and quality.

Vovinam is a Vietnamese martial art, including hand, elbow, kicks, and escape and levering techniques. It is practiced with and without weapons and is based on ‘the principle of between hard and soft’.

Vovinam has currently taken hold in 12 countries in Africa since the African Vovinam Federation was established three years ago.

The fourth annual world championships featured nearly 250 officials, referees and fighters from 21 countries around the world contending for medals in 74 disciplines in both combat and dbonstration categories.