Qigong – Quintessence of Vietnam’s Martial Arts

According to martial arts master Nguyen Lam, head of Thieu Lam Cong Phu Kien An Viet Nam, qigong is an internal practice of physical exercise and mental meditation techniques to manipulate qi, which is used mostly for improving health as well as for martial arts.

Therefore, qigong has long been the quintessence of traditional Vietnamese martial arts.

The disciples gave the event the best thrilling performances in “Knocking a Nail – Pulling a Car” by martial arts master Nguyen Van Tuan from Lam Son Dong Martial Arts School or ” A Car Running Across the Body” by a student from Ho Gia Quyen. These are popular traditional martial arts schools in Vietnam.

Breaking a pile of bricks on a disciple’s tbple. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

Beating the pharynx using a wooden stick. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

Breaking bricks with a leg. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

Four spears are curved when shoved into the pharynx. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

The wooden stick is broken in half when beating the body of a Russian martial arts master from Vinh Xuan Martial Arts School.

Breaking a pile of bricks on the head of a student using a hammer. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

Lifting a bike off the ground using teeth. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

Manipulating qi to drive a car across a disciple’s body. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

The wheel of a car crosses over a disciple’s body. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

Jumping on a pile of sharp broken glass in bare feet. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

Pulling a car using the eyelids. Photo: Tran Thanh Giang

Hammering a nail on a disciple ’s back. Photo: Vu Khanh Long

Pulling a car. Photo: Vu Khanh Long

Story: Thao Vy – Photos: Tran Thanh Giang and Vu Khanh Long