First martial arts book translated to French

The Vietnam Union of Friendship Association and the Vietnam-France Friendship Association in Ho Chi Minh city have launched the first French edition of the first book on the history of Vietnamese martial arts.

The book titled “Lich su vo hoc Viet Nam” (the History of Martial Arts in Vietnam) by author Pham Phong was first published in Vietnamese in June 2012.

Phong spent 12 years researching and compiling information to write the book. In 2013, the book set a record as “The first writer of a Vietnamese martial arts book” and was honored by the World Record University as “The value cultural and martial arts work, contributing to the treasure of culture and martial arts of the world”

The 63-year-old man had spent two years editing and translating this 840-page work.

Some 1,500 copies of this publication have been printed, in which 1,000 copies were sent to the World Federation of Vietnam Traditional Martial Arts and the Ben Chi Martial Arts Association with the aim at helping martial arts instructors and learners in France and in a number of French-speaking countries study, train and practice while promoting Vietnamese martial arts.

The rbaining books are planned to present to the compassionate organisations and individuals at home and abroad, encouraging thb to continue to support the poor martial arts instructors, the Vietnamese talents and the orphans./.