Vovinam - Quang Minh Bouddhist Temple, Braybrook, Australia

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Burke Street 18, 3019 Braybrook, Australie

Vovinam at Quang Minh Bouddhist Temple

Vovinam Marital Art runs one of its Training Centre at Quang Minh Temple since 2001.  It was initially led by Master Kim, Minh, Nam and Tam.  Vovinam’s intention is to provide a safe and drug free training environment for children to strengthen their bodies, learn martial art, and its philosophy.  Our masters and instructors, at Quang Minh Temple, are all volunteers.  We teach martial art, set guidance and examples to assist individuals to develop self confidence, discipline, humbleness, politeness and team work.  We highly regard family values, and education.   Through our martial art training, we always encourage our children to love their parents, respect the elders, help people in time of crisis, and stay away from drugs, vandalism and violence.

Today, we have over 100 children under 13 years old, and about 80 teenagers and adults practicing Vovinam at Quang Minh Temple.  We run three classes for three different groups.

Class 1: Children Under 13

Wednesday and Sunday, from 5:00 Pm to 6:30 Pm, run by Master Kim and Tam

Class2: Teenagers and adults

Wednesday and Sunday from 6:30 Pm to 8:30 Pm run by Master Kim and Tam

Class 3: Master Class for instructors and elders

Tuesday 7:30 Pm to 9:30 Pm, run by Master Diep Khoi.

If you have any queries regarding Vovinam classes at Quang Minh Temple, Please contact Master Kim on 0401-920-918, Kiem on 0413-525-609 or Bang on 0402-590-188


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