Vovinam - Silver Spring, MD, USA

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University Boulevard East 300, 20901 Silver Spring, États-Unis
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Vovinam - Silver Spring, MD, USA

Vovinam - Eastern Middle School

300 University BLVD
Silver Spring, MD, US 20901

Price:  $215.00 (Standard charge)
Ages:  8 and up
Gender:  Coed
Spaces:  18 openings remaining
Registration Dates:  Standard registration opens: Aug 17, 2015 8:30am
   Non-residents: Aug 18, 2015 8:30am
Internet registration opens: Aug 17, 2015 8:30am
Last day for Internet registration: Sep 12, 2015 6pm

Be among the first to learn this exotic martial art. Vovinam is a martial art used by the Vietnamese to fight in wars and is growing rapidly in popularity around the world. Learn defense using your hands, elbows, kicks, throws, escape & levering, joint locks, choke holds, and submissions. Weapons include knives, swords, machete, staff, axes, folding fan, and others. Vovinam techniques are simple, effective, and artistic. They are realistic and easy to learn, suitable for anyone 8 and older. Each 90 minute section will burn you out with extensive warm ups, fall breaks, rolling, strikes/kicks/blocks, forms, and sparring. This course prepares you for real life situations, such as how to fall safely on streets, and you will train constantly with partners of different sizes. 

Additional Information
[email protected]
(301) 204-3118
Contact Person
Yanni Nguyen
Contact Person
Trish Walsh
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